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How To Care For & Wear Your New Handmade Creations

Everyday Use


Some wear is expected over time as it is with all knit items but to ensure a long life for your new hand knits please give it a special place of its own in your home. That is to say if you just toss it a big box full of other hats it will get worn out and start to get those nasty little fuzzies much faster.





We strongly recommend you hand wash all knit and crochet items, especially those with wool content. Use cool to warm water. For best results gently squeeze the water through the fibers and DO NOT rub. Please keep any wood buttons out of the water and dry.





Lay your item out on a towel or drying rack and gently pull/shape it so it lays nice and flat. Let it air dry. When it it done drying if it feels a little stiff just gently shake it out to fluff it up.





If you have an item with a yarn pompom take special care not to pull on the individual strands. For faux fur pompoms follow the washing and drying instructions above. If your pompom gets squished over time due to storage or gets wet, just fluff it up with a blow hair dryer. Our new faux fur pompoms are attached via snap button. Please avoid excessive taking off and snapping on pompoms, this may cause the threads used to sew them on to wear out and break over time.

Is your slouch hat not slouching?

Sometimes when your hat is brand new it likes to stick straight up when you first put it on. The solution is easy! Just pinch on two sides of the back of your head near the top of your crown, then gently fold the top of your slouch down. Within a few times of you wearing your hat this should not be a problem. Happy slouching!

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